New italian handmade brand!

Frida Market

PapiXon is a Bowties, Pocket Squares and Suspenders new brand, entirely handmade.

Each piece is tailor-made and unique, as the materials and textiles. Each PapiXon is inspired by a particular Rock, Soul, Jazz or Funky album, or a LP cover that aroused us emotions.

Duke Ellington     Bretelle Azzurro cenere-righe Grigie - Pezzi Unici1     Pochette

PapiXon represents both the soul and the style of  people who wear it, enriching charm and sealing an inseparable bond between oneself and Music, past and cotemporary, tradition and fashion.

papillon-seta-fantasia-rosso-verde-nero-fondo-verde-pezzi-unici                    papillon-seta-azzurro-cobalto-fondo-seta-blu-pezzi-unici

We aim that our products were not only objects with a purely aesthetic value. In each model you can perceive also the energy coming from the strength of music albums.

Miles Davis Papillon-Musica   Nero pois Bianchi- Pezzi Unici1   Pochette1

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