Why every Woman should wear Suspenders or a Bowtie on #IWD2019 and even beyond

Linea Donna

As a grown woman, you should do you and be you every day.

But on the day dedicated to women everywhere, you’ve got to add some icing on the cake. Sticking to the same menu with fashion is just as tedious as eating the same food every day. It’s time to jazz up your style with some classy women suspenders and feminine bowtie.

1 Amy Winehouse

You have to look the part on International women’s day. March 8 has always been the day women everywhere, come out in full force to celebrate how thoroughly bad ass they are. The female-led #TimesUp and #MeToo movements have proven that women will never back down until their voices are heard. Carry on with the momentum this year by adding feminist pieces like suspenders and bowties to your wardrobe.

Be daring: celebrate women’s day in a charming and casual suspenders outfit

Bretelle rombi-cerchi Marrone-Blu-Grigio - Pezzi UniciWomen’s suspenders went out of style but are now making a huge comeback and are still just as stylish as ever. Wearing suspenders or bowties as a woman, not only enhances the style of your outfit but also makes a statement. And like the old saying goes “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Suspenders and bowties show your girl-power. Invest in one today and become part of the universal women gang on International women’s day and even beyond. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to show your sisterly solidarity.

Should you still celebrate International Women’s Day?

3 Dana Dawson

Of course, yes! It is one of the few days women all around the world can come together and raise their voice against gender inequality. In the vocal fight for equality, women force the world to watch as they thrash the boring stereotypes of how a woman should be all girly and pinky or be sexy nurses and not doctors. Those are all medieval and stupid mindsets. Women should have the freedom to choose what they want to be or do.

4 Diana Ross

Unfortunately, there’s still much work to be done, the battle for gender equality is still far from being won. And the aim of International Women’s Day has always been to achieve complete gender equality. If all the women-led movements are anything to write home about, it’s that when women join hands to give voice to their predicament, change occurs—no matter how minute.

Women are able to work for shorter hours, vote and receive better pay today all because 15,000 women marched together in 1908 and demanded for it. This just shows how powerful women can be when they come together in unity.

Break the monotonous cycle

2 Madonna

Expect to get some askance stares when you walk around wearing a bow-tie. Women wearing bow-ties are not a common sight, wearing one shows that you have your own inimitable style—it can raise your styleocity to as high as 31%. Being a nonconformist fashion diva in a world that’s often so monotonous is definitely something to be proud about.

Bowties are not solely a gentleman’s style; women have been pulling off the look for years. Your favourite A-list musicians, from Beyonce to Taylor Swift, rock bowties from time to time.

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