Bowtie and suspenders: the perfect hipster outfit

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Nearly everyone is a hipster these days. The word ‘hipster’ stopped having a single meaning a long time ago. Have an opinion you doggedly stand by, wear something you made yourself or some bowtie and suspenders and immediately the word ‘hipster’ will be thrown at you. And you know what? You don’t have to hate being called that. You don’t have to be the hipster who gets a bad rap. Even though some people think hipsters are people who position themselves as intelligent or superior without actually being any of that, lumping all hipsters in one basket remains a huge struggle for many people.

While ‘hipster’ as a word usually referred to a countercultural movement that consisted of nonconformists, these days, the word has become so vague because many so called ‘hipsters’ don’t actually go out of their way to be seen as a hipster. A huge number of them are just naturally curious people who always stand out from the crowd because they don’t look mainstream.

Don’t stop defining your own style or stop doing you simply because you fear being misunderstood or called the vaguest word in history ‘hipster.’  Own yourself and slay that ‘hipster’ look with confidence.

Hipster fashion: bow ties and suspenders set

You probably dress like a hipster already. Why? Contrary to what you may think, not all hipsters wear branded clothes. Sure, cargo pants, skinny jeans, tank tops, t-shirts, no-hats and trucker hats are all dresses people commonly identify hipsters with. Hipsters totally dig those styles. However, there are hipsters who prefer something more trendy and original.

Either way, when you go the old-fashioned route with your dressing, hipster is almost always the associated label. Top your bowtie and suspenders with a pair of glasses and you have a complete hipster fashion immediately.

Why bow ties and suspenders?

They are classic: even though these popular male accessories have started sneaking back into the modern men’s wardrobe, they are still not your regular dressing. And hipsters live for anything that isn’t common; call it vanity or an obvious way of seeking for attention. It won’t change the fact that looking different in a confident way commands respect.

Bow ties and suspenders make you look smart: In the same manner that glasses make you appear smart, matching bow ties with suspenders can bolster your ‘hipster smart’ look. Hipsters often come off as annoying to many people because they always manage to look interesting and smart. Some people think hipsters pretend to be smart and intelligent when they really have nothing up there. But that’s not you right? You are truly smart and intelligent. So rock your bowties and suspenders with easy confidence.

They make you look alert: Hipster or not, wearing bowties alone, or together with suspenders gives you this alert or present look. It is somewhat hard to look casual in a bowtie because your shirt button has to be up. You look active, not relaxed when you wear one.

Bow ties and suspenders attract women: In case you don’t know, women gush over men who can pull off the bow tie and suspenders look with ease. If you want to be the attractive hipster who gets the ladies without much stress, make bow ties and suspenders part of your fashion accessory.

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