Bow tie for men: 10 reasons why you should start wearing bowties


If you can’t seem to make up your mind between wearing a bowtie and your regular necktie to the next event you will be attending, know that including a bowtie to your male accessories instantly makes you look iconic. Won’t you like that? Besides being a fundamental part of male fashion since time immemorial, bow ties for men, regardless of size and style, makes you stand out in a smart way. Still not convinced?

Here are 10 more reasons why you should add bowties to your wardrobe today:

The bow tie is currently trending

In case you haven’t noticed, bowties for men are back with a bang. It is gradually reclaiming its position as an indispensable part of men’s tie collection. Perhaps the sudden increase in sales of bowties can be linked to the release of each James Bond film or the ‘Doctor Who’ series. You will find a celebrity or two looking dashing in a bow tie in almost every red carpet events. Ryan Gosling, anyone?

Diversifies your style

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Sticking to a single style of dressing makes you come across as either boring or rigid. It is about time you spiced things up by juggling between neckties and bow ties. Bowties for men are also one of the best ways to assert your authenticity while sticking to your office dress code.

Gives you an elegant and confident edge

Bowie for PapiXon

Bow ties for men are not a commonplace sight like neckties, only confident and bold men can pull off wearing a bowtie.

Bow ties won’t ever get in your way

You remember those awkward moments when you try to keep the wind from blowing your necktie to your face or when your necktie got caught in the car door or office shredder? Well, you can be sure you will never experience that problem with a bowtie for men.

Women totally dig men who can pull off a dress style

Yea, Women go all smiling face and oohs or aahs when you turn up well in a bowtie for men. They love guys who know how to dress well. So why not amaze them by buying a bowtie that will complement your face as well as any outfit you choose to wear?

Makes you memorable

Bow ties for men not only set you apart, they also draw people’s attention to your face. It is always easy to remember the guy who looked different from other ‘tie guys’ in the room.

Cool folks wear bow ties

When you make bowtie for men a part of your dress collection, you will start being associated with the likes of cool dudes like Steve Jobs, Marvin Gaye, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Bill Nye and again, Ryan Gosling.

Raises your IQ

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You can debate this, it is allowed. But haven’t you wondered why many bowtie wearers consist of scientists, academics, writers and political readers? People like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain. It is almost as if bowties symbolizes genius.

No size restrictions

Unlike your regular necktie, you won’t have to waste time selecting which tie size goes well with your body type or suit. There are no wearing rules when it comes to bowties. Bowties are flexible! You can choose between wooden, silk or cotton bowties.

Legendary musicians rock bowties

Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, you name them. They have been spotted wearing a bow tie for men several times. If you are fan of any of these celebrated musicians, then you will be pleased to know that there is an online store where you can pick a bowtie inspired by one of these Musicians.

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